Gone are the days are one-size-fits-all video surveillance.
With advances in technology, there are a variety of systems to fit your businesses needs, both Cloud Based and On-Premesis.

Cameras now are able to detect:

  • Someone going the wrong direction on a one-way
  • Unknown items left for extended periods
  • An item going missing
  • The type of object (Person or Vehicle)
  • Thermal changes in an area (Good for extended night-vision or monitoring equipment)


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Milestone Xprotect is a global leader within the open platform video management software (VMS) market. Their open-platform VMS can be enhanced with solutions from thousands of technology providers – bringing you endless possibilities and continuous innovation.


Rhombus is an IoT company that utilizes analytics for facial recognition that can integrate with Access Control to verify cardholders.

Rhomus cameras also act as receivers for Asset Tags and temperature sensors to monitor your devices and environment.


Uniview Technology provides a budgetary solution for your VMS without sacrificing quality.
Perfect for small business and residential customers who don't need advanced analytics.